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"Their your hands."


This site is dedicated to parents and moms-to-be.
Our mission is to help you, as a parent, fulfill your mission
 to have a healthy baby who grows into a healthy child.

This site will give you the knowledge you need to protect yourself and your baby from unnecessary 
toxic mercury exposures that can occur during routine doctors' appointments.  

That's why you should know that dental fillings and vaccines come in two types--  
mercury-containing OR mercury-free.

Because mercury is a poison, we trust parents to pick the non-toxic alternative, just like many adults do when selecting children’s toys.  So that you can be an informed consumer and make an informed choice about dental fillings and vaccines, this site offers you information about why it’s best for your baby, you, and your entire family, to

especially before, during, and after pregnancy,  
and before birth, in infancy, and in childhood.  

On this website, you’ll also find helpful questions to discuss with your doctor, dentist, pediatrician, and obstetrician, as well as many facts to help you be the best advocate your baby could ever have!

“Want a child as healthy-as-can-be? 
   Then, keep your baby mercury-free!”


Worldwide Mercury Free Baby | Mercury Free Baby in Worldwide | AL | David Geier

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Worldwide Mercury Free Baby | Mercury Free Baby in Worldwide | AL | David Geier

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